With our Crowdjustice fundraising page now closed, we’ve been inundated with requests from people who still want to donate to the WASPI campaign. 
There is an easy way to do this – simply click on the PayPal button and make your donation!

These funds will go directly to Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd. and will be used to promote the campaign nationwide and to help with our legal battle. 
With sufficient funds we can mount a publicity campaign and pay for professional lobbying support in Parliament, as well as starting to put money aside for the next stage in our legal battle. Your donation would also help with essential day to day running costs which we will, of course, keep to a minimum. 
We’ll keep you updated with the progress of our fundraising campaign, just as we did with Crowdjustice, so that you know how close we are getting to being able to use the funds to make a real difference for 1950s women. 
As well as your donations, we are working hard to secure grants from different organisations which will be used to promote our national campaign. 
As previously, a donation of £25 or more will secure you a year’s membership of Women Against State Pension Inequality Ltd. Simply email your PayPal receipt TOGETHER WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS to . Concessionary rates will be available once the membership scheme goes live in a couple of weeks’ time.
But all donations, however big or small, are most gratefully received and will help us to continue our campaign to achieve justice for the women affected.