WASPI is a campaign group and we therefore need ALL who support the campaign to take action in order to achieve our aim!
We realise that people have different skills and abilities, but we hope that each and every one of you will do something to make a difference!​


We are holding our next national demonstration in Westminster opposite the Houses of Parliament on Budget Day 8th March 2017.  Please join us!! Our demo coincides with International Women’s Day, which is very appropriate! Ask your MP to show their support by joining us and posting on social media.

Watch this space for further details...
APPG Formation

Women are getting back lots of useful information from the Personal File requests and some women feel it may help to claim more qualifying NI years as a result. If you haven’t written to the DWP yet then remember it’s never too late!


Personal Files at DWP. It would be useful to know what DWP holds on your personal file. We would like all WASPI campaigners to ask for this information. It's an online request - no letter writing this time. It takes up to 40 days to get a reply.

To ask for a copy of the personal information DWP holds about you, please use the DWP request for personal information form.

Requests for personal information are sometimes called ‘subject access requests’. DWP will not charge you for this service.

It doesn't matter if you didn't get time to start a complaint, you can do this, as part of our campaign.​ Go online for an English or Welsh version, to DWP Request for Personal Informaton

Help a WASPI

If you have a WASPI friend with little/no access to the internet, try and double your impact by helping her apply too.

Make a note

  • The DWP expect to provide the information within 40 days so make a note of your date of application

  • Try and keep a copy of your application

The DWP publishes a document about the service you should receive - It's here
APPG Formation

There is no easy way to do this. There is no quickstep to the legal process. It requires that we take action and don't wait for someone else to do it for us. We have to turn up the heat and we can all help. Tell your friends; send your letters play YOUR part. We want to cause such a high volume that it will further compel the Government to look in earnest at making remedy for the "grotesque disadvantage" and financial loss we have suffered.
STAGE 1: Start the process of making a complaint to the DWP.  Use the template letter as a guide to register your dissatisfaction and formally record your complaint.  
STAGE 2: Once you’ve had a response to your stage 1 complaint then you’re ready to do your next letter.  
Stage two letter template can be found opposite.

STAGE 3: Once you’ve had your response to the previous letter, you’ll see you’ve 6 months to do your next letter.  It’s important to stay within the timelines given.
DWP 1st letter of complaint
DWP 2nd letter of complaint
DWP Chaser Letter​    
Stage 1 help guide
Stage 2 help guide 
Request For Information
Many who started the process last July will have had replies from the DWP and want to get on with the next step.  WASPI is working with the Law Firm Bindmans and we’ll be ready with a detailed guide for the Stage 3 letter in February.  Wait for the guide.  It will help you complete the third stage correctly.

If the DWP don’t reply within their time scales (15 days for first 2 letters then write again and there’s a chaser letter template)

PERSONAL FILE REQUESTS - You can do this as soon as you want.  It would be useful to know what DWP holds on your personal file. We would like all WASPI campaigners to ask for this information. You get a form online, print it and complete it - no letter writing this time. You just need to fill in the blanks and post it off to the DWP - simple as that!    It takes up to 40 days to get a reply. Women are getting back lots of useful information from the Personal File requests and some are finding it helpful to claim more qualifying NI years as a result.

To ask for a copy of the personal information DWP holds about you, please use the DWP request for personal information form.

Requests for personal information are also called ‘Subject Access Requests’.  The DWP will not charge you for this service.

Keep a Copy:  At all stages make a note of the date you sent your letter or SAR and keep a copy of what you sent
If you don’t get a response within their timescales for reply then write again and complain again.  We have a template letter to help with that:

The DWP publishes a document about the service you should receive.

Help a WASPI

If you have a WASPI friend who is struggling with access to the internet, try and double your impact by helping her apply too.

Don’t delay! Start writing today!​​

WASPI Local Group
Local groups are a great way to get together for joint, co-ordinated action and a great way of raising the profile of our WASPI campaign. 
There are many women affected by the changes to the State Pension age and there are many more women yet to reach.
If you wish to start a local group then please email
for guidelines. Once you have read the guidelines and established your group you will be added to the Directory.

Details of meetings will be posted on our  Local Group News  page.
Local Group Guidelines
Local Group Directory
  1. Dover District Council
    Dover District Council
  2. Derby City Council
    Derby City Council
  3. Cornwall County 
    Cornwall County Council
  4. Caerphilly County Borough Council
    Caerphilly County Borough Council
  5. Cheshire West & Chester Council
    Cheshire West & Chester Council
  6. Gateshead Council
    Gateshead Council
  7. Halstead Town Council
    Halstead Town Council
  8. Lewisham Council
    Lewisham Council
  9. Liverpool City Council
    Liverpool City Council
  10. Moray Council
    Moray Council
  11. Newcastle City Council
    Newcastle City Council
  12. North Devon Council
    North Devon Council
  13. North East Derbyshire District Council
    North East Derbyshire District Council
  14. Plymouth City
    Plymouth City
  15. Sefton Council
    Sefton Council
  16. Stoke on Trent City Council
    Stoke on Trent City Council
  17. Telford and Wrekin Council
    Telford and Wrekin Council
  18. Thanet District, East Kent Council
    Thanet District, East Kent Council
  19. Exeter City Council
    Exeter City Council
  20. East Devon District Council
    East Devon District Council
  21. WASPI Council
    Rhondda Cynon Taff Council
  22. Luton Borough Council
    Luton Borough Council
  23. Mid-Devon District Council
    Mid-Devon District Council
  24. Middlesbrough Council
    Middlesbrough Council
  25. Blackburn with Darwen 
    Blackburn with Darwen Council
  26. Bournemouth Borough Council
    Bournemouth Borough Council
  27. Mid Wharfedale North Yorkshire Parish Council
    Mid Wharfedale North Yorkshire Parish Council
  28. Nottingham City Council
    Nottingham City Council
  29. Notts County Council
    Notts County Council
  30. Scottish Borders Council
    Scottish Borders Council
  31. South Tyneside Council
    South Tyneside Council
  32. Waveney District Council
    Waveney District Council
  33. Wakefield Council
    Wakefield Council
  34. Highland Council
    Highland Council
  35. Torbay Council
    Torbay Council
  36. Blackpool Council
    Blackpool Council
  37. Burton-upon-Trent Council
    Burton-upon-Trent Council
  38. Sunderland Council
    Sunderland Council
  39. Teignbridge District Council
    Teignbridge District Council
  40. South Hams District Council
    South Hams District Council
  41. Northumberland County Council
    Northumberland County Council
  42. Manchester City Council
    Manchester City Council
  43. Devon County Council
    Devon County Council
  44. Ashfield Council
    Ashfield Council
  45. Derbyshire Dales District Council
    Derbyshire Dales District Council
  46. Fife Council
    Fife Council
  47. Bolton Council
    Bolton Council
  48. Calderdale Council
    Calderdale Council
  49. Chesterfield Borough Council
    Chesterfield Borough Council
  50. Dartford Council
    Dartford Council
  51. Dudley Council
    Dudley Council
  52. Kirklees Council
    Kirklees Council
  53. Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council
    Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council
  54. South Lanarkshire Council
    South Lanarkshire Council
  55. Surrey County Council
    Surrey County Council
  56. Waverley County Council
    Waverley County Council
  57. Wirral Council
    Wirral Council
  58. Wolverhampton Council
    Wolverhampton Council
  59. East Sussex County Council
    East Sussex County Council
  60. Durham County Council
    Durham County Council
  61. Hartlepool Council
    Hartlepool Council
  62. Hastings Bough Council
    Hastings Bough Council
  63. Wigan Council
    Wigan Council
  64. South Derbyshire District Council
    South Derbyshire District Council
  65. Belfast City Council
    Belfast City Council
  66. Bridgend County Council
    Bridgend County Council
  67. Dundee Council
    Dundee Council
  68. East Ayrshire Council
    East Ayrshire Council
  69. Enfield Council
    Enfield Council
  70. North Ayrshire Council
    North Ayrshire Council
  71. Gedling Borough Council
    Gedling Borough Council
  72. Wealden Council
    Wealden Council
  73. Eastbourne Borough Council
    Eastbourne Borough Council
  74. Argyll & Bute Council
    Argyll & Bute Council
  75. Rugby Council
    Rugby Council
  76. City of Edinburgh Council
    City of Edinburgh Council
  77. Amber Valley Borough Council
    Amber Valley Borough Council
  78. North Tyneside Council
    North Tyneside Council
  79. Bolsover District Council
    Bolsover District Council
  80. Bridgnorth Council
    Bridgnorth Council
  81. Cannock Chase Civic Council
    Cannock Chase Civic Council
  82. Hull City Council
    Hull City Council
  83. Knowsley Council
    Knowsley Council
  84. Redcar Council
    Redcar Council
  85. Rutland County Council
    Rutland County Council
  86. Salford Council
    Salford Council
  87. Southampton City Council
    Southampton City Council
  88. Somerset County Council
    Somerset County Council
  89. Southwark Council
    Southwark Council
  90. Mansfield Civic Council
    Mansfield Civic Council
  91. Newry Mourne and Down Council
    Newry Mourne and Down Council
  92. West Devon Council
    West Devon Council
  93. Torridge District Council
    Torridge District Council
  94. Renfrewshire Council
    Renfrewshire Council
  95. Staffordshire Moorlands Council
    Staffordshire Moorlands Council
  96. Halton Council
    Halton Council
  97. Falkirk Council
    Falkirk Council

At Derbyshire County Council meeting, supporter Tricia Clough gave a short speech and got a standing ovation!
The council passed following motion:

“The Council calls upon the Government to make fair transitional state pension arrangements for all women born on or after 6th April 1951, who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age (SPA) with lack of appropriate notification."​

Subsequently Councils nationwide are showing support for WASPI by passing a motion calling for transitional arrangements. This will put additional pressure on non-supporting MP's and the Government.

Thanks to those supporters who initiated with their respective Councils and of course to the Councils in question.

Has your council passed the motion? Let us know here !

Motion to Council (pdf)
Motion to Council (doc)
WASPI spread the word

  • Friends, family, colleagues

  • On shop/town/village notice boards, at clubs, organisations, trade union branches

  • Hand out leaflets on the streets/at events

  • Email local news papers/magazines/radio stations and tell your and the WASPI story. Follow up with phone callMake it hard to be ignored!

  • Organise a supermarket dash. Ask your local supermarket if they will allow you to be near the entrance (not blocking) handing out leaflets.

  • If possible, ask to have a display or table with info. Invite your local MP and your local press.
Media Coverage
Phone his/her constituency office for an appointment for a meeting. Do NOT give up until you have a date!
If you are worried about going on your own, see if there is a local group and if they can find you a buddy. Go to our Facebook page 

Look at the written Evidence (via link on Home Page) to prepare for the meeting, write a letter with your story and with the arguments in the notes to leave with your MP

IF you really feel you are unable (for whatever reason) to visit your MP, write or email him/her and insist that s/he answers your letter. Do NOT give up till you have an answer!
Continue to lobby him/her (new information will regularly be put on the website and on Facebook for you to put to him/her). Make further appointments, write/email regular letters. Let your MP know you will NOT give up!

Lobby your MP
Template letter to MP      
Counters for Meeting MPs
Meet with your MP     
Lobby Pack
WASPI spread the word

The goal is to let everyone know what the WASPI campaign is and what the campaign is for. No matter where in the UK you live you can help.​

This is an united country wide WASPI campaign to raise awareness of 1950s women’s state pension issues, so that everyone knows what the WASPI campaign is and what it is doing.​

WASPI spread the word
How to get involved?